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Amberlynn Bibiana Jackson (born August 20, 2015) is the quarter-blood daughter of Annabeth and Percy Jackson.

Happy Endings Only Happen In Fairytales

It is seen that Amberlynn is sad she doesn't know her mother and wishes she did. Sadly enough, Annabeth was planning on keeping Amberlynn and raising her instead of Vianna.

Amberlynn and Vianna express a close bond.

After Vianna runs away, Amberlynn takes her lead and runs away too.

Amberlynn finds Vianna along with Xerxes, Vianna's boyfriend.

Amberlynn watches Vianna die.

Years later, Amberlynn is Gothic and very depressed and apathetic.

After Vianna comes back to life, it is announced that Amber has a boyfriend named Todd Hewitt.

She is revealed pregnant after being raped by Todd Hewitt.

She has three children, Keenan Jackson, Riley Jackson, and Robyn Jackson.

Lost Out In The Rain.

Amberlynn is raising her children with the aid of family and family friends.

She is kissed by Adam Castellan when Vianna pushed him.

Amberlynn goes through two near death experiences with Todd.

She goes on a date with Adam.


Amberlynn has her father's dark hair. Her hair, as a young child, was only dark brown. But it got darker until it became black. She has her mother's eyes. They may have a bit more colour than grey but they're mostly Annabeth's. Amber as a teenager, likes to wear Gothic clothing and heavy eyeliner. As a child, she never would've thought of make-up and clothes. She also has Annabeth's tanned skin.



Annabeth holding a baby Amberlynn shortly before her death.

Being raised by only one parent, Amberlynn is a bit more emotional than most girls. She was influenced highly by her mother's death and her father has thought about seeing a therapist. Amberlynn is quiet, shy, even depressed sometimes. Percy sometimes thinks about taking her into the doctor to get tested for bipolar disorder. On a good day, Amberlynn is happy and playful and nice. She can be very talkative sometimes and her favourite colour is pink.

Known Family.

  • Percy Jackson (Father).
  • Annabeth Jackson ((nee Chase) Mother).
  • Thalia Castellan ((nee Grace) Adoptive aunt).
  • Luke Castellan (Adoptive uncle).
  • Sally Blofis (Grandmother).
  • Frederick Chase (Grandfather).
  • Paul Blofis (Step-grandfather).
  • Poseidon (Grandfather).
  • Athena (Grandmoter).
  • Vianna Castellan (Sister).
  • Keenan Jackson (Son).
  • Riley Jackson (Son).
  • Robyn Jackson (Daughter).
  • Any other relatives of Poseidon and Athena (Half-relatives).


  • Amberlynn and Vianna's relationship is based off of the relationship between Katie and Lynn Takeshima in the book, Kira-Kira.
  • Amberlynn's middle name is a form of Vianna which in Latin means alive.
  • The theme song for Amberlynn is Viva La Gloria (Little Girl) by Greenday. It fits her for when she's young.
  • A link to Amberlynn's quiz! [1]

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