Amelia Halman is the daughter of Micheal Halman and Nora Olson.


Amelia has long black hair and gold eyes. She looks more like her mother than her father. She has tan skin and is 4'6.

Amelia with Puck


Amelia has a bubbly personality and is very smart. She gets angry when people make fun of how smart she is.


Micheal Halman- father, son of Neptune.

Nora Olson- mother, daughter of Apollo

Emma Halman- half-sister, daughter of Gaia

Apollo- grandfather

Neptune- grandfather

mortal- grandmother

mortal- other grandmother

Weapons, pets, and powers

SunStone- Amelia's Imperial Gold sword, with sunstones in the hilt

Puck- Amelia's pug

Rhyming- she can curse people to talk in rhymes

Water- she can control water

music- she can play music and sing beautifully


Amelia was born on April 5th, 2001. She never knew her father until one day, he visited Camp Half-Blood and told her that he was her father. After that, she changed her last name to Halman and started practicing her water powers. She went on her first quest at age 10, to retrieve Apollo's lyre from Mount Orthys. Her father gave her Puck for her 11th birthday. Her mother died a few months later.

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