Amy Bianca di Angelo (born June 15, 2020) is a quarter blood, daughter of Nico and Annabeth.

Light Becomes Darkness.

Amy is the main character.


Amy was born five years after her brother's birth. Her brother was a teen pregnancy. She was born after Nico and Annabeth fell in love. Annabeth had been killed a few years earlier and had been revived by Nico. Amy had been thought to be a still-born until she started to coo and cry.


Amy has long, straight dark brown hair. She has grey eyes and tanned, slightly olive toned skin. She likes to wear girly clothing and skirts because she is still young.


Being a descendent of Athena, Amy is smart. She is playful, nice, coy, humorous, and at times a little depressed.

Known Family.

  • Annabeth di Angelo (nee Chase), Mother.
  • Nico di Angelo, Father.
  • Chris di Angelo, Brother.
  • Hades, Paternal grandfather.
  • Athena, Maternal Grandmother.
  • Ivy Grace, Adoptive Sister.

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