An Odessey

An Odyssey
is a collaboration story written by: Jack Firesword; Josh-Son Of Hyperion; Ersason219; DaughterofAchelois and Giantgnat.


A group of clear sighted mortals must search for the lost fates, this is the story of their adventures...


The characters are mortals, but also legacy's of ancient greek heroes (They aren't very powerfull). It would be prefered if their middle or first names were the names of greek heroes

Hector í̱ro̱as - Jack Firesword

Paris í̱ro̱as - Jack Firesword

Perseus Gavreau - Josh-Son Of Hyperion

Atlanta Smyth - DaughterofAchelois

Kane Frost- Giantgnat

Jason Icarus Potter - Ers

Kallisto Kerrin - JJ

Troy Chowdhury - JJ


Chapter One - Jack Firesword

Chapter Two - DaughterofAchelois

Chapter Three - Josh-Son Of Hyperion

Chapter Four - Ersason219

Chapter Five - Giantgnat

Chapter Six - Jack Firesword

Chapter Seven - DaughterofAchelois

Chapter Eight - Josh-Son Of Hyperion

Chapter Nine - Ersason219

Chapter Ten - Giantgnat


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