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Andrea goodman 2


Andrea Goodman is the daughter of Jayden Goodman and Achlys, the goddess of the Mist of Death.

Andrea Goodman
Andrea goodman
Andrea in the snow
Daughter of Achlys
Demigod Child
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth May 8th, 1997
Current age 15
Gender Female
Family Jayden Goodman- Father

Achlys- Mother

Aaron James (A.J.) Goodman- Younger brother

Status Alive
Eye Color Hazel (occasionally change to brown)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Height 5'2"
Alias Aer

Daughter of Achlys

Affiliation Camp Half Blood
Weapons Her powers

Her swords

Species Demigod
Home Camp Half Blood
Appearances Adventuring Children
Quests None yet



Andrea is a very quiet person. One rarely knows what she thinks, if ever. She prefers to keep to herself, but always tags along with people wherever they go. She is known for her excellent skills of manipulating the Mist and the Mist of Death and her wisdom. Andrea is a cool, calm and peaceful person.She is always pessimistic and is quick to stop an argument. Rarely, if ever, does she get angry. 

Physical Appearance

Story Appearances

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