Andrew Dawson
Andrew D.
Son of Hephaestus
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth August 13th, 1998
Current age 14
Gender Male
Family Hephaestus (Father)
Laura Dawson (Mother)
Status Alive
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Height 5'5"
Alias Andrew
Affiliation None
Weapons Multi-tool


Species Demigod
Home New York
Appearances The North Lake Saga
Quests Destroy the Monster of North Lake

 Andrew is the son of Hephaestus and Laura Dawson.


Andrew has dark eyes and dark hair. He has a short and stocky build and large muscles and calloused hands from working in his forge.


Andrew is a very energetic person. His mind seems to run a million miles an hour and almost never slows down. He tries to improve anything he gets his hands on.


  • Andrew is an expert builder/mechanic.
  • He can sense machines, mechanics, or metal.
  • He can identify machinery type and use by touch.
  • He can sense faults in metal ore and traps.
  • He possess Technokinesis.
    • Instantly understand how a mechanical device works
    • Can build almost anything
    • Communicate with sentient machines
    • Sense hidden mechanism

Magic Items/Weapons

  • Multi-Tool- A gift from Hephaestus. It can transform in to a variatey of weapons, including:
    • Spear
    • Hammer
    • Sword
    • Mace
    • Battle Ax
  • Flame-Thrower Lighter- It is shaped like a double barrel shot gun. It looks ordinary until you pull the trigger and and a massives flame erupts from the barrels.

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