Shape Shiftier
Joe's Guardian
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth Unknown
Current age Unknown
Gender Female
Family Joseph Mierek
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Grey
Height Small
Alias None
Affiliation Joseph Mierek
Weapons Teeth
Species Cat
Shape Shiftier
Home With Joe
Appearances Almost all with Joe
Quests Almost all Joe has been on

 Angel is the guardian and constant companion of Joseph Mierek.


Angel was a present for Joe from his father Zeus. Not much is known about her past except that her mother was a shape shifter and her father was an alley cat. She is not immortal but she has eternal youth.


Angel is a shape shifter which means she can changer appearance at will. However, she prefers the form of a gray cat with lightning markings and blue eyes.


Angel's personality changes as much as her form. Mainly she follows her cat like instincts. She has a sarcastic demeanor and she's very laid back at times. However, she is extremely loving and loyal to Joe. She never fails to aid him in battle and to give him advice... even if it isn't the best.


  • Angel, as stated before, is a shape shiftier. She has to power to transform into any living creature. However her powers are limited as her largest transformation is a Grizzly bear.
  • Angel can talk. Though she prefers to only talk with Joe through telepathy she can talk like a human.


  • Her name comes from the term "Guardian Angel".
Joe (2)

Joseph Mierek, her protectorate

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