Full Name: Anita Clarke

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: March 18th

Current Age: 18

Parentage: Thalassa

Sexuality: Bi

Best Friends/Worst Enemies: Hates most people, dislikes some people, tolerates a few people, and likes only a select couple of poeple

Weapons: Whatever she can get her hands on and swing at someone's head, but usually she'll just punch them 

Dislikes: Loud noises, bright lights, annoying people and things, when people don't listen to her, and most any animal that sheds

Likes: Water

Fatal Flaw: Arrogance

Personality: Authoritive, competitive, critical, and sarcastic

Fears: Failure

Habits: Tapping

Eyes: Steel gray

Hair: Pin-straight and dark brown with a red tint to it

Skin: Pale

Current Weight: 142 lbs.

Current Height: 5.7"

Preferred Clothing Choice: Black skinny jeans, riding boots, a black hoodie, and a form-fitting band T-shirt

Other Identifying Physical Traits: Small scar going through her right eyebrow, several piercings, a small tatoo of a sun over the ocean on her upper left arm, and a scar running from her left hip to half-way across her stomach

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