Ann F

Ann Jacqueline Fisher (nee Kelly) is a mortal woman and the mother of Alice Kelly.


Ann is mentioned, but so far hasn't appeared.

About fifteen or sixteen years before the story takes place, Ann dated an unknown god and became pregnant by him. The baby was a girl, who Ann named Alice. Alice does not resemble her father.

When Alice was two, Ann met Joseph Fisher. They got married, causing Joseph to gain Alice as a stepdaughter. However, since Alice has lived with him for so long, she mostly thinks of him as her father (though she is aware that Joseph is not her biological father). Alice chose to keep her last name.

Ann and Joseph had another child, Natasha Fisher.


Ann is a Caucasian female. She is 5'5 and weighs 140 lbs. She has strawberry blonde hair and dark brown eyes. She looks a lot like Alice and Natasha.

Ann's age is not known. However, it should be mentioned that she had Alice quite young.

Known Family

  • Joseph Fisher (Husband)
  • Alice Kelly, Natasha Fisher (Daughters)
  • Jamie Kelly (Granddaughter)
  • Hades (Ex-boyfriend)

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