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Annetta Jagienka Lohse
Daughter of Thor
Ex-Deputy Director of the Norse Camp
Species Norse Demigoddess
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Age At Death--42
Date of Birth March, 20th
Date of Death September, 23rd
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brunette
Height 5'6"
Build Athletic
Pantheon Norse
Home Copenhagen, Denmark
Affiliation The Norse Gods, The Norse Camp, The Greek Gods.
Birthplace London, England
Other Family Lena Lohse - Daughter

Lucian Lohse - Son

Stella Lohse - Daughter

Seth Lohse - Son

Benjamin Dezic - Brother-in-law

Marzia Dezic - Niece

Hollande Dezic - Nephew

Mother Sophia Chaikin-Lohse
Father Thor

Daniel Lohse (Step-father)

Sister Tena/Terezija Lohse-Dezic (Theresa)
Native Language Danish
Second Language English
Creator Capn Rin Scotts



Anne was born Annetta Jagienka Lohse to the newlyweds of two years, Sophia (nee: Chaikin) and Daniel Lohse. However, she was not the daughter of Daniel. Instead she was the daughter of Thor and Sophia, whom had an affair behind the back of her husband. Daniel never knew of this, so when he died he died thinking that Anne was his own flesh and blood. He owned a string of global five-star hotels through his life and before his marriage to Sofia. The family was never lacking in money.

Two years after her birth, Sophia concieved a second time. This time it was the true daughter of herself and her husband. She was named Tena-Terezija, but by preschool she had adopted the nickname Theresa, which everyone has called her since.

Growing up Anne was posed as a troubled child, despite being the exact opposite. Since the age of six she went to the Norse Camp in the summer, returning to live with her family for the school months. Through her years of hard work, Anne worked her way up through being a messanger of sorts, to being a representive to becoming the deputy camp director by 15. She remained in that position until she stopped appearing regularly at age 20. By this time the media claimed that the young girl disappeared at these times to take on 'mystery lovers' and it was only fed when she became pregnant for the first time.

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