Annie Elizabeth Manson (born February 8, 1996) is a fourteen-year-old demigod (her story is set in 2010). She is currently claimed by Hades.

The One Time

She is seen doing a math test when she finds out (quite directly) that she is a demigod, along with her crush, Colin.

She travels to Camp Half-Blood. She plays Capture the Flag, and sends an army of skeletons at a couple, before she passes out.

She awakes and sees a skull above her head, and tells Colin. He panics and tells her that she is a daughter of Hades.

Hades appears, introduces himself, and Colin tells her a story about his past.

On the way back to the cabins, Colin kisses her.

More coming soon!


She has short, straight, brown hair that is chin-length. She has freckles and acne, and is very tall, thin, and has minor strength.


She is very outgoing, and slightly crazy. She is also serious at important times.

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