Ari is another half-blood child of Hades. Nothing is really known about his past, which he does not care much for, and hides. He prefers to have started off freshly.

A Picture of Ari


Ari recently came to Camp Half-Blood on the run from monsters, coming to the camp shortly after the battle of Olympus. (the end of the Last Olympian.) He wouldn't speak to any of them at first, but it was reported from worried campers that he would be talking to someone who wasn't there in the Hermes cabin at night, even though he tried to keep it to a whisper. Chiron tried to speak to the boy, but he wouldn't really listen to him, the boy just staring out the window blankly as if he was blind. At first Chiron was worried that there would be a possibility that the boy was a blind demigod, but the boy had quickly proven to not be after stumbling into a game of capture the flag. He had to defend himself from demigods of both teams, accidentally summoning undead soldiers, proving his heritage as a child of Hades.

Nico had to to get rid of the soldiers before they could do any damage, and welcomingly accepted him into the cabin, although Ari still wouldn't speak much. He still spoke to the people at night, and Nico could hear faint voices speaking back to him, most likely a dead family member. Nico eventually became the boy's only friend, defending his half-brother from bullies (especially Clarisse), and the boy eventually opened up and spoke to his half-brother and other demigods.


He has heterochromia (one blue eye, one green eye) and black hair. He often wears the colors black and red, as they are his favorite colors, and usually wears a black t-shirt with a skull on it and long red and black sleeves that come up from under it. He usually just wears normal jeans with black tennishoes.


As a son of Hades, like his half-brother and sister he has powers.

Age Fifteen
Gender Male
God-Parent Hades
Mortal-Parent Unknown
Birthday October 13th
Nickname(s): None
  • Shadow Travel
  • Summoning of the dead
  • Communicating with the dead
  • Putting the dead to sleep
  • Terrakinesis
  • Destroying skeletal warriors
  • Banishing the dead
  • Resurrecting the dead
  • Releasing the souls of people that should've died
  • Knowing when a person dies
  • Creating passages to the Underworld

Although he has these powers, some of them drain most (if not all) of his energy, and he cannot really use most of these powers a lot. Shadow travel would be an example of course, to where he would have to rest, and resurrecting the dead would probably force him to have to sleep or re-gain his energy somehow.


As a child of Hades, any child of Hades is his half-brother/sister

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