Ashleigh as a teen.

Ashleigh L

Ashleigh Christine Larson is a quarter-blood.

Ashleigh as a Yahoo! Avatar.


Ashleigh is the daughter of April and Nick. She is two years old.


Ashleigh has pale skin. Her hair and eyes are both light brown (April's eye color, but Nick's eye shape). She doesn't really take after April or Nick; she looks like both her parents.


Ashleigh is a kleptomaniac, being descended from Hermes. She has ADHD and dyslexia. She likes nighttime, which makes sense, as her grandmother is the moon goddess. Her favorite colors are green and purple, even together sometimes. She can be a bit childish. Ashleigh is very serious and sometimes holds grudges, a lot like Barry Wilson. She can be rude sometimes, but is usually nice. She is also good with computers, cars, etc.

Known Family

Larson family tree

  • April Larson (Mother)
  • Nick Larson (Father)
  • Holly Larson (Sister)
  • Artemis (Maternal grandmother)
  • Hermes (Paternal grandfather)

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