Atlanta Jackson is the 15 year daughter of Sally Jackson and Posiedon


"People say I look like Percy... They're right."


Atlanta with her sword

Atlanta has blue eyes, black hair, and tan skin. She is 5'4 tall and weighs 108 pounds


"People say I act like Percy... They're right."

Atlanta is like the ocean, clam at times, but wild and rougue at times. The rougue side of her is not seen that often. Most of the time, she is fun, sarcastic, and funny.


"People say I have the same history as Percy... they're wrong."

Atlanta was born on August 5, about a year after Percy. Sally gave her to an orphanage right away, but she ran away at age ten. She lived on the streets when she met Tyson, and he brought her to Camp Half-Blood after they became good friends.


  • Atlanta is also known as Athena (she's really wise) and Lanta.
  • Atlanta is the main character of the Jackson Trilogy.
  • Atlanta is the girlfriend of Leo Valdez. (not yet introduced into stories)

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