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Atlanta Smyth
Atlanta smyth
"I'll show you Girls aren't weak!"
Descendant of Atlanta
Seven Against Thebes
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth
Current age 16
Gender Female
Family Atlanta (ancestor)

Parthenopeus (ancestor)

Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'5'
Alias Allie


Affiliation -
Weapons A Knife

Bow and Arrow

Species Mortal - Clear Sighted
Home Unknown
Appearances An Odyssey
Quests None

Atlanta Smyth is a clear sighted mortal and is a legacy of Atlanta, a Greek woman who refused to follow gender norms, Atlanta was named after her.


Atlanta has clear blue eyes, often filled with determination, her face is covered in freckles, and she has long messy brown hair. She normally wears it up in a pony-tail. She always wears her old brown jacket, claiming that it is 'lucky'. Atlant is known for not being very girly and finds dresses annoying and useless.


She has a natural rebelious streak, and is very forward, she does what she thinks is right. But she can very careful and sometimes underestimates herself. She doesn't like to be the leader, prefering more to be the person in the background, where "You can actually get to do stuff." She is not very girly and doesn't 


Atlanta likes to fight with weapons, she can, in the end use most weapons, but they don't always feel natural to her. It doesn't matter if it is a broken branch or a god-given forged sword, if seems like it will hold up in a fight, she'll use it. But there are two weapons she likes to use. One is the bow and arrow, which she likes to use, just for the thrill of it and the other is a knife, which is always somewhere on her person.

Abilities and Powers

  • Clear sighted - she can see through the mist. - Having grown up seeing monsters, Atlanta was happy to find out that she wasn't the only one who could see what she saw and that they were others who were both clear-sighted and mortal.
  • Is stronger than the average female mortal. - This is from her being a legacy of Atlanta, who was stronger than most men, although it has dulled down, she is still stronger than other girls and even some boys her age.


Atlanta is from the name Atalanta, which is from the Greek Αταλαντη (Atalante) meaning "equal in weight", derived from αταλαντος (atalantos), a word related to ταλαντον (talanton) meaning "a scale, a balance". Atalanta was a fast-footed maiden who refused to marry anyone who could not beat her in a race. She was eventually defeated by Hippomenes, who dropped three golden apples during the race causing her to stop to pick them up.

Smyth is a surname from the British Isles. Different variations are Smy, Smye, Smyth, Smythe, Smithe and Smith, it derives from the Anglo-Saxon word "smitan" meaning to smite, which could be a description of a smith, but would equally have applied to a soldier. 

Personal Flaw

Atlanta often overestimates enemies and underestimates her own abilities, this causes her to loose some confidence in battle and become unfocussed

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