Atreo warrir
I will protect Pandora...i promised myself i would
Survivor of Troy
Protector of Pandora
Son of the Unknown
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth Ancient Times
Current age 14
Gender Male
Family Penelope (Mother)

Unknown God (Father) Zeus (Adopted Father)

Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height 5'7 (A foot taller then Pandora)
Alias The Protector
Affiliation Pandora
Weapons Heroic Silver sword (gift from his real father)
Species Demigod
Home Troy (formerly)
Appearances 2,000 Years Ago
Quests To Protect Pandora

Son of Penelope and a unknown powerful god, he is one of the few survivor's of the Trojan War.


Lived in Troy with his mother till he was 13 and joined the army to defend Troy during the Trojan War, he became one of the soldiers commanded by Prince Hector and was lucky to survive the countless battles.

When Troy was sacked, he escaped along with Prince Aeneas and a handfull of survivors but his family all were dead.

A year later he met Pandora and her mother, they let him stay at their house and gave him food, he stayed with them till he was 14, he was so shocked by there kindness he promised himself he would protect them both but when Pandora's mother was taken he swore on his life that he would protect Pandora with his very soul.


Untidy black hair, blue eyes and three scars under his left cheek, he is quite handsome but he wears his helmet most of the time.

He is unusually tall for his age, he could pass for a 17 or 18 year old.

He usually just wears his sword and tunic, He also carries all the supplies for Pandora so he is fairly strong


He uses a sword which he found at the Altar to Zeus, it had a piece of parchment which read "To my son, Atreo" So he took it.

It is stronger then Celestial Bronze and Imperial bronze, so he named it Heroic Silver...the most powerful metal in the world.


He is serious all the time after his time in the Trojan Army so he is annoyed at Pandora's happy personality but he cares for her more then anything in the world and will protect her with his very life.


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