"The Masked Mademoiselle"

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Protogenoi Offspring College, Dark Circle

Aubrey Katmin is the daughter of Phanes. She made her first appearance in the Son of Shadows and later became a member of the Dark Circle.



She was born to Mariah Katmin and lived in the city of Boston for much of ehr childhood. Much like other demiprotogenoi when she turned thirteen her father guided her to Protogenoi Offspring College. 

At the College, she befriended Lauren Kingley and Seth Macintosh.


Upon the arrival of Joseph Trenton and Carlos Garza, she was selected to take part in a quest to protect the college. To be added

Joining the Dark Circle

After the events of "Homefront" her father had her join the Dark Circle as Phillip King's apprentice. After, King resigned she was voted as one of the three leaders.

Hunting the Chimera

Aubrey would later accompany Abaddon Mace on his quest to eradicate monsters that escape from Tartarus. After the hunted and defeated the Chimera the pair continued to travel the world defeating monsters.

Later life

Due to her prolonged contact with Abaddon (Now called Damion) she was immortal as long as she remained with him. The two fell in love and for centuries they traveled together until she decided to let death overtake her and wait for Damion in the next life.


She is very blunt and to the point. She makes no effort to mask her emotions or thoughts. She is a very capable leader, but is able to follow orders when needed. 

When it comes to relationships she can be a bit of a flirt with guys. During her time at PO College she flirted with Carlos and several other students but never pursued anything with them. During her stay with the Dark Circle she secretly had a crush on Julian. Later she would meet Damion who she would fall in love with and marry.

Powers and Abilities

  • Vitakinesis
    • Able to bring inanimate objects to life
    • Able to bring back the dead rarely
  • Concealment
  • Shapshifting
  • Invisibility
  • Bird Powers
    • Can communicate with birds
    • Can sprout and absorb wings 
    • Great eyesight


In battle she uses a 

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