The Task of the Recon Team, is to go around the U.S and recruit any incognito or rogue god/desses and see if they will join in on the Titan War. Gods like, Tyche, Ananke, Arae, Porus, Penia, Helios, Selene, Pheme, Pontus etc.

The Team includes:

  1. Annabeth Chase
  2. Miranda Gardiner
  3. Dakota (Son of Bacchus)
  4. Jake Mason
  5. Alexander Silcan
  6. Aaron Dwayne
  7. Diana Chen
  8. James Armstrong
  9. Lucy Tychsen
25410 1270485957932 full



  1. Ersason219
  2. Ath
  3. SonofNeptune
  4. Rin
  5. Ersason219
  6. Ath
  7. SonofNeptune
  8. Rin
  9. Ersason219
  10. Ath
  11. SonofNeptune
  12. Rin
  13. Ersason219
  14. Ath
  15. SonofNeptune
  16. Rin
  17. Ersason219
  18. Ath
  19. SonofNeptune
  20. Rin

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