Baheer Arizoe
Son of Zeus
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth May 22, 1999
Current age 22 (as of 2021)
Gender Male
Family Zeus (father)
Salma Arizoe (mother)
Aaron Arizoe (older brother)
Omar Arizoe (younger brother)
Melina Arizoe (yonger sister)
Zac Arizoe (younger brother)
Status Alive
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Jet Black
Height 5'9 (as of 2021)
Alias None
Affiliation Zeus
Arizoe Family
Weapons Lightning Striker (main)
Species Demigod
Home OC, California
Appearances The Final Prophecy
Quests TBA

Baheer Arizoe is the demigod son of Zeus and Salma Arizoe. He is the main protagonist in the series The Final Prophecy, and supporting character in Sounds of War.


Baheer Arizoe was born May 22, 1999 to Salma Arizoe and Zeus the second child born of five. Because Zeus did not want his children attacked constantly, he tightened the mist enough for monsters to stay distant from them. He then tightened it to seem like another man named Derby was their father, instead of Zeus. As each child came, with Zeus being the father, he tightened the mist to make it seem like Derby had them, each one of them finding out they were a demigod at the age of 12.

Up until he was 12, as a demigod, Baheer's life was much rather normal, living in a house with a pool house and a pool, thanks to Derby's payment. Once he found out, his life turned into mayhem, at near-death states to the point Salma, his mother, felt it was the best time to send him to Camp Half-Blood.


Baheer is a fairly tall, and is an attractive boy. He has jet-black short side hair with hazel eyes. He wears black half-frame glasses. He is in a healthy body shape and is 5'9. As he ages his style of clothing goes to more formal.


Baheer is loyal, ambitious, brave, and intelligent guy, always feeling worthy enough to risk his life to save another's. He has a sarcastic sense of humor and a respectful attitude towards all, above from him or lower from him. He remains true to himself and stays trustful, but can be a bit untrustful of others. He can also be very moody, as well as being short-tempered, when not allowed to do what he wishes.

Fatal Flaw

Baheer's fatal flaw is demandment of respect, meaning he gets quite bossy. This can be fatal, as the demandment gets very harsh up to life-threatening and sometime's the demandment is toward a god, putting his future of course at risk.


  • Aerokinesis - manipulation of the air
    • Flying
    • Controlling the wind
    • Creating air waves, air currents, air structures, air pressure, clouds, tornadoes, storms, and airbending
    • Influence wind spirits and storm spirits to his command

​Weapons and Items

Lightning Striker - Baheer's main weapon. 4'4 Celestial Bronze sword. When the sword is charged, it also brings minor electrical shocks, stunning the opponent temporarily.

Video Shield - Backup weapon. Disguised as a fingerless glove. Allows iris messaging to see anything and anywhere the user wants for 10 minutes.


Apollo's Heal - A hammer which helps heal anything.

Insanity Glasses - Glasses made by Dionysus. The glasses help enter the mind through their eyes, allowing to "tamper" the mind, making the patient to go ultimately insane.

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