I was having my usual combat training at camp with my friend Boyd. In my opinion  Boyd is the greatest fighter at camp and he just might be. Many campers tell him that but he doesn't believe it, he is the greatest son of Ares and the nicest child of Ares. All the other Ares kids act like bullies and are usually mad at someone or something, but Boyd was always nice and thats why he is one of my best friends.

"This time you won't win I swear it", Boyd said holding his shield . Boyd pulled out the Medallion that Ares gave him. The medallion had a boars head on it, the best part was that it could become any weapon that Boyd wanted it to become.

"Sure", I told him with a confident smile. Two months ago I beat Boyd in a duel but it was pure luck and everyone doesn't let me forget it.

His medallion became a double edged  sword with a curved tip. I pulled my silver drachma given to me by my protector Mr. Herb, an old satyr who looked out for back when I lived in Miami. It was called Stream Surge and it can become a four foot long lance or a three feet long sword. I flipped it in the air and it became a sword and then I turned my watch into a shield. It was given to me by my brother Tyson.

"You ready?, I'm not going to hold back", I said.

"Neither am I, I have no intentions on losing", he replied.

When he got close enough I swung my sword at him but he blocked with his shield. He then proceeded to try to stab me with his sword but he only managed to leave a scrartch. I swung at him again and he deflected with his sword. I tried to push him back with my shield but he overed powered me with his shield and I was the one knocked back.

"Now I'm going to finish this", he said. While he was raising his sword there was an loud explosion coming from the camp forge. BOOM!, it shocked the ground. While he was distracted I used that moment to gain the upper hand and knock him over.

"I win again", I said.

"Not really", he replied.  He got up and after a couple of swing I was weaponless with a sword tip at my neck.

"You get better each day", Boyd said with a smile./

"But not good enough", I replied.

While we were talking a bronze soldier carrying a large shield on his right arm and a sword in his left hand with a spear on his back was running towards us and he locked like he wanted to fight.

"This doesn't look good", I said.    Battle with the Automatons ch 2: Fight With A Bronze Soldiers

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