After the short meeting at the Big House I went to my cabin get some supplies that I might need. Afterwards I met Claudia and Leo at the Hephaestus cabin.

"Its getting dark", Claudia said looking around as if she was expecting something to happen. "We should hurry before they attack again", she said.

"We should make our way to the fist of Zeus first. Then scout that area out then move on", Leo said.

"How do we stop them?", I asked.

Leo pulled out blueprints for the metal soldiers.

"A combination attack would do the trick. But you need to take out the shield first, that's their primary defense. Also look out for the spears, they can shoot at you with great speeds", Leo said.

"That's cool and terrifying", I said with a smile. I looked up at the sky noticing how close to dawn it was getting. "How about we fly", I said.

"Fly?", Leo said with a confused look.

"Fly over the woods to get a better chance at finding them", I said.

"Yeah lets fly", Claudia said.

While we were walking to the stables Emiley Fawn walked in front of us. Emiley was the daughter of Cybele nature goddess. She is the nicest person at camp, it would be terrible if the statues hurt her.

"Hey Emiley", Leo said.

"Silas, ah do you think you can go with me to see the fire works to night", she asked.

I completely forgot about the fireworks tonight. With all the stuff going I didn't have time to think about.

"Sure , we became good enough friends. I will go with you if I survive against the automatons", I told her.

"Yeah sure", she said and then she left with some of her siblings.

"She likes you dude", Leo said.

"Yeah like I will listen to you about stuff like that", I told him.

We got to the stables and Leo and Claudia picked out the Pegasus that they were going to ride. I didn't see Tavion, the stubborn Pegasus that tried to kill me while I was trying to tame two months ago. I concentrated on his thoughts and in a few seconds the mighty winged horse appeared in front of me. I told him about the mission that we are on.

"Sounds exciting", Tavion said.

"Alright lets fly", I said. The Pegasi rose in the air and we were gone.  Battle with the Automatons ch 5: Boyd Quintus Nico vs Auotmaton

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