After the explosion Boyd, Nico, Quintus, Leo, and I had to go to the infirmary for our injuries. All of us had to get checked out for burn marks besides Leo and other injuries. When we could leave to see the fireworks I had to keep a cast on my arm for a few weeks.

"Dude nice cast", Quintus said before laughing at me.

"Yeah but I don't need crutches", I told him. He stopped laughing and got mad. Claudia walked in and gave him a hug and helped him out.

"Is it me or are they getting close or what", I asked Boyd and Nico. They both gave me a I don't know expression. Leo was sleeping like a baby with cookie crumbs around his face. "I got to leave I cant stay here", I said.

I left the infirmary to go to my cabin to get some rest. Emiley appeared in front of me with a worried look.

"Silas I heard you were in a explosion and I was coming to check on you", she said.

"It was nothing, well if Leo didn't cover me I would be burnt to a crisp", I said with a smile. My arm was hurting like it was being ripped apart.

"Well do you want to see the fireworks with me", she asked. I just remembered that I promised her and I couldn't say no besides she was cute and cool.

"Sure lets go", I told her. She was excited and we went to the beach and sat down and watched the fireworks in the sky. She was holding me and she was happy and I felt happy that I decided to do this.

Quintus and Claudia came and sat next to us. "She likes you dude", Quintus said. But I ignored him. The six of us just sat there and enjoyed the night.

                                   THE END

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