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Bella Carvlin
"I'm not one of your toy soldiers any more Dad."
Daughter of Pallas
Granddaughter of Harmonia
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 16th June
Current age 16
Gender Female
Family Pallas (Father)

Rebecca Carvlin (Mother)

Harmonia (Maternal Grandmother)

Status Alive
Eye Color Greeny Blue
Hair Color Red
Height 5'5'
Alias Bells
Affiliation Olympus
Weapons Sword


Species Greek Demigod
Home None
Appearances Salvaging the World
Quests Salvaging the World: A New Dawn

Isabella 'Bella' Carvlin is a demigod, her father is Pallas, the god of Warcraft and her mother is Rebecca Carvlin who is also a demigod daughter of Harmonia, goddess of Serenity and Peace. 


Bella lived with her mother, Rebecca, in an apartment in New York and went to school their, until monsters attacked her one day. Her mother, being a demi-god herself, took Bella to Camp Half-Blood, once in Camp Half-Blood she was claimed by Pallas, god of Warcraft and went to live in Cabin 39. As she was the only one living in the cabin she was made counselor. She lived in Camp Half-Blood until she felt she was trained enough to go into the mortal world once again.


Bella has blood red hair and green-blue eyes. Her hair  is normally down or pulled into a braid, she wears a old army jacket and a Camp Half-Blood T-Shirt that is singed in places. She wears black skinny jeans which are too big for her and are held up by a belt. She wear scuffed converse and a sword hangs from her hips. She also has a crossbow as her prefered ranged weapon which has a leather strap so it can be worn over her shoulder.


Bella has a positive personality. She has to try and keep people working together from different backgrounds, so she has to stay strong as an apperance around others.



Rebecca Carvlin



Love Interests


Salvaging the World

The Peace of the world has gone. The Gods have been captured. Evil has taken over and nothing remains. Five demigods have been found, will they be the ones who can find the truth, save the gods and turn everything back to what it was?

  • A New Dawn - Can the five unite and try to rescue the Big Three and their sister's before the world collapses before their eyes? Will they be able to restore five of the Olympians and begin save the crumbling Olympus?


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