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Bethany S Revised

Bethany Joelle Sadowski is the twelve-year-old daughter of Chiron. Thinkaboutthisname does not know what her term would be.

Bethany the Loser

Bethany is Chiron's unlucky daughter.

She goes to Camp Half-Blood and meets her father.


Bethany is 5'1 and weighs 104 lbs. She has wavy brown hair with strands of red. She has tanned skin and blue-green eyes. She looks like a normal teenaged girl but is mostly flat-chested.


Bethany is shy, clumsy, insecure, and is a bit of a bookworm. She loves to read, despite her dyslexia. She can be nice but is overall pretty mean, like her mother. She is still being developed.

Known Family


  • This is Bethany fixed up! She now belongs to TATN! MUAHAHAHA!

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