Birthday Surprise fan

Birthday Surprise

Happy birthday?


Author 101EmilyRox (Emily)
Cover Artist 101EmilyRox (Emily)

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Proceeded by Saving Andromeda
Followed by Balloting

Annabeth decides she needs to try celebrate her daughter's birthday better. She tries this out on Andy's 15th birthday.



  • Andy Jackson: daughter of Percy and Annabeth
  • Monique Anderson: daughter of Athena
  • Alex Depp: son of Zeus
  • Josh Antonio Moro: son of Apollo
  • Percy Jackson: god of Tidal Waves and Vassal Lord of the Atlantic
  • Annabeth Chase: daughter of Athena, mother of Andy and lover of Percy
  • Sally Blofis: nee Jackson and Percy's mother
  • Paul Blofis: Sally's husband
  • Theo Blofis: Sally and Paul's 13 years old son

Chapter 1: Surprise

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