Here is a list of all the terms in Black and White: Battle of the gods. Resident Chiron Fangirl 05:49, January 21, 2010 (UTC)

Creature- Huge powerful beasts that work for the gods, they are giant animals that can be trained to be destructive or fun loving.

Eden- In Eden Gods train to bring life, beauty and love to there territory. They train by making practice tribes joyful and hopeful.

God realm- Were gods spend most of there lives training and practicing using there powers so one day Spirit might choose them to rule over a tribe and own there own fragment of the world

Grate spirits- There the gods for the gods creating the earth and its elements. They often train and raise the Gods.

Levi- In Levi Gods train to bring death, suffering and war to there territory. They train in the art of war and become incredible warriors and bring war to there tribes.

Rip Tide- The grate spirit of water who rules over all seas and rivers. He takes the form of a huge sea green dragon. I hadn’t read the book when I made up his name.

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