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Blythe Dusa
Demi-Soul Heart
Red Butterfly
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth Febuary 14
Current age 14
Gender Female
Family Psyche (Mother) Daniel Dusa (Father)
Status Alive
Eye Color Pink/Blue/Red (changes colors)
Hair Color Pink
Height 5'7
Alias -
Affiliation Camp Half Blood
Weapons A dagger
Species Demigod/Demi-Soul
Home Camp Half Blood
Appearances Sia's Stars
Quests -


Blythe has lived in Austin, Texas all her life. Every vacation she has is to a different state, and the one she went to when she was 13 was New York. She felt a magical connection in New York when she was there but she never knew why she felt that way. When she got back to Texas she tried acting normally but she always kept feeling out of place liked she didnt belong there. When she was at school she thought she saw everyone as ghosts and freaked out. She ran and hid in the janitors closet. Some had to go and get her out, it was a friend of hers. But he was also a Satyr, he asked why she was there. Shes explained everyhting, the trip to New York, feeling different, and the spirits of everyone. He then took her to Camp Half-Blood it being the day before summer that, that had happened.

She was the last of the 5 and she met Vivian, Era, Terra, and Blaize to arrive at Camp Half-Blood. After a few days of being at camp she was claimed by her mother Psyche.


Blythe isnt the smartest, or the prettiest or even the most atheletic. Shes the slacker and the gamer. She usually likes playing video games instead of learning Greek or training. Shes never excelled in anything really except getting in fights. She may not be the best, but she has a great heart and great courage.

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