Author: Ducksplash
Status: In Progress

Chapter One - Jaxon Finally Fits In

Jaxon raced across the camp boundaries, he could finally slow down and catch his breath from his cross-country race against evil. He straightened himself and looked around. The expanse of land looked like a simple strawberry farm with the exception of a handful of ancient greek looking buildings and cabins that looked lethal, one even had barbed wire lining it's roof.

As he was admiring his surroundings he didn't notice a small group of campers approach him from behind.

"Hi, and welcome to Camp Half-Blood!" One of the campers abruptly said, startling Jaxon, causing him to jump. The camper seemed to be the natural leader of the group, as they let him do the talking and he was in the lead.

"H-hi," Jaxon stuttered, he was still frightened by being approached in an underhanded way. "Follow me," the leader said, he was a tall man, with sandy hair, just tipped with brown. He looked to be fifteen or sixteen, not much older than Jaxon.

"Come with us, please," the boy said, leading Jaxon down the hill and towards a massive house, at least it was massive to him compared to the apartment he and his mother used to live in.

They entered the building and Jaxon almost choked on the air that he was breathing, there was a half horse, half man standing there.

"Hello," the humanoid said, "my name is Chiron."

More Coming Soon!

Chapter Two - The Beautiful Monster

Coming Soon!

Chapter Three - A Quest (Finally)

Coming Soon!

Chapter Four - The Sky Falls

Coming Soon!

Chapter Five - Double-Tasking

Coming Soon!

Chapter Six - Battling a Pile of Mush

Coming Soon!

Chapter Seven - How do you keep a straight face when a monster is wearing pink?

Coming Soon!

Chapter Eight - On The Road... Again

Coming Soon!

Chapter Nine - Time to see the lights

Coming Soon!

Chapter Ten - The gods go Crazy

Coming Soon!

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