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Brenda Juliet Browning Walsh is the fifth-blood daughter of Jayden Walsh (quarter-blood) and Claire Browning (half-blood).
Brenda W

Brenda as a teen.

Thirty-Two and a Grandma

In Chapter One, Brenda's teenage mother dies giving birth to her. Her father is devastated, but he knows he can't abandon his daughter.


Brenda has Claire's blue-grey eyes and Jayden's dirty blonde hair. Her skin is normal, a little on the pale side. She has a heart-shaped face with a large forehead, which is why she has bangs. She reminds Jayden of a younger Claire, but with blonde hair.


Brenda is curious, shy, a little hyper sometimes, and smart. She has the usual ADHD and dyslexia, so she hates reading with a passion. Her quirk is sucking her thumb when anxious or excited, even when she is well into her teens.

Known Family

  • Claire Browning (Mother, deceased)
  • Jayden Walsh (Father)
  • Kenneth Browning (Maternal grandfather)
  • Dina Browning (Step-grandmother)
  • Miranda Walsh (Paternal grandmother)
  • Donna Walsh (Great-grandmother)
  • Hermes (Great-grandfather)
  • Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll, Luke Castellan (Uncles)
  • Other children of Hermes (Aunts and uncles)

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