War hammer orcs

Brogg during the days of the Old Irons heads, before becoming Marauder's Brother. He is very much still a monster in this photo

Brogg is The Marauder's captin and by blood brother


When the iron heads were formed Brogg was the first to join and had a history on the battlefield. When the iron heads visited a dwarven hold their head runepriest told them that Brogg and The Marauder must be bound as brothers of battle. A ritual that hadent been conducted in centuries. It is simply a process of transfering blood binding them magicaly as brothers. The ritual leaves a long scar on the forearm of both Brogg and The Marauder. After the ritual Marauder gained the strength of ten orcs and he can heal faster than most humans. Brogg lost the monsterous mind of an orc so he has selfcontrol and is far more intelligent he also oddly gained the ability to reproduce. Normal orcs cant do that because their born form fungis. After the fall of the Ironheads Brogg and the Marauder fled into the US. When they were in Seattle they were ambushed at one of their "safe" houses by a pack of wolfmen. As they ran they were cornered Brogg told Marauder to run while he held them off. The Marauder thought he was dead but apparently not. After the fight he went to the goblin underground and stayed there until Marauder and Thalia came to the underground.


Brogg is a basic orc, big and green. Due to the fact that he has human blood in him he grew a v-shaped chin. He has almost as many scars as The Marauder. From the wolfmen ambush he has three claw marks across his face and is missing his left ear.


Brogg is unlike any orc before him. He does not cause fights every chance and shows mercy and compation. He loves his brother The Marauder and will do anything to keep him safe. Brogg is relaxed and calm both on and off the battlefield and is never angry. The strangest thing about him is that he is a better fighter than most orcs and secret behind an orc's brutality is their anger focused and amplified. So its weird that the calmist orc is the most powerful.


  • Custom Ironhead Armour
  • Extra Large Shield
  • Artificer Ork Choppa
  • Custom Ork Shoota
  • Custom Shotgun Pistol
  • Dagger

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