Yes or No

14 year-old Baheer watched as campers hopped aboard several boats that were right by the lake of Camp Half-Blood. He was exhausted. All there have been were fights, thanks to Baheer's father, Zeus, declared war between him and Poseidon for some apparent thing Percy, Poseidon's son, had done. He ultimately wished it would all stop.

Leo looked around helplessly, like many others, not knowing what to do. "Uh," he began. "everyone who wants to go along with Percy just hop on the boats." they were all, including Baheer frozen with fear of what would happen by each move.

As obvious as who's side Baheer should be on may have seemed, he was still stuck. He knew that being the son of the main opponent of the other team was major and everything, but you can never count on demigods to expect everything they want from their godly parents. Gods were never that loving to their children, no less than what Baheer had ever felt from Zeus.

"Well?" Jason asked stubbornly. "Hurry up and make your choice, guys!" he snapped at everyone, as people scrambled all over the place.

Baheer thought fast. What about my brothers and sister? he thought. What will they think of me? A traitor? He finally made his choice to stay at camp along with Zeus.

"Come on!" Percy shouted. Percy was well known at camp. He had a lot of friends - more than Jason and Leo.

Soon, Baheer began to get pushed all over the place. He couldn't see anything but several heads around him. He could finally see the rest of everything, and he landed right by the boats, when someone pushed him into the boat, as that specific boat with about 5 or 6 other demigods on, began to rock away. He noticed his sister, looking at him disappointed.

"I'm sorry," he mouthed to his family and looked at the other demigods on the boat. "Well, son of Zeus, I'm glad you made the right decision to be on team Poseidon." one of the demigods told him. Baheer just shrugged. "Are you kidding me? I accidently got on this boat! I would never betray my family like this! I need to get off."

It rocked away, as another boat began to go as well.

"Ugh, what am I going to do?" Baheer asked himself. "Calm down, you picked the right choice!" a blonde girl told him. "How? I just betrayed my family!" Baheer snapped. "Blah, blah, you know yourself Zeus" - she said quietly - "Zeus is rude to you. Maybe you betrayed your family, but they didn't pick the right choice."

"Wise words of wisdom," he grumbled.

--Hermione Chase

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