2013 - Brook S. Harbor has been nominated for the 2013 TEA 3!!!

Brook Seas Harbor
Brook Harbor
Species Mermaid (Syreni)
Gender Female
Status Alive
Age 21
Date of Birth Validuf 31, 1998 (Atlantean months)
Date of Death N/A
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Pink
Build Slim
Pantheon Greek
Home Miami, Florida
Affiliation The Olympian League
Birthplace Atlantis
Mother Aquila (Daughter of a river god)
Father Unknown
OC Group The Olympian League
Native Language Atlantean (Syreni Sub-Language)
Second Language English
Other Languages Spoken Spanish, French
Creator Bladewood
Appearances The Olympian League: Warriors
Main Story The Olympian League: Warriors


Brook Seas Harbor was born to Aqualia the sea nymph and a mortal. Born in the wonderfuly, thriving, underwater city of Atlantis, Brook grew up with the name Coralia. When she turned 14, she became a legal woman in Atlantis, free to make her own decisions. Having been a strong, confident explorer at a young age, Brook followed her heart to the surface. Having been born with the genes of both a sea nymph (mermaid) and a mortal, Coralia possessed the ability to grow a mer-tail and human legs. Donning the name Brook Seas Harbor, Brook adapted to the urban enviroment of Miami, Florida and moved into a bungalo down by the sea.

Soon, however, she found that she was not the ONLY demigod in Miami. Discovering that evil lay around every corner, Brook decided to fight the evil demigods that threatned her new home. Eventually, she cought the eyes of The Olympian Leauge. Inviting her to join their ranks, Brook joined TOL, and rose up through the organization...finally becoming a skilled member of Omega Team.


Brook is a beautiful mermaid. With a slim, gorgeous figure (that of a common mermaid) and flownig, loucious pink hair, Brook could be mistaken for a siren. With a beautiful, pink scaled tail, she is nearly heartsopping. When she chooses, she can transform her tail into beautiful, lond legs, and large, shimmering blue eyes.
Brook with legs.

Brook with legs (and a dolphin ^.^)


Brook has a bubbily, friendly personality. Not being accustomed to the rude, defensive way of urban, mortal life, some might even call her "too friendly" or "abnormaly nice". However, Brook is just displaying the respectful ways and morals she was tought as an Atlantean child and citizen.


Brook, being a decendant of a river god, can manipulate water. Known as hydrokenisis, this ability allows Brook to control, create, and manipulate water. Along with her ability to grow a fish tail for fast, easy water movement, Brook can also summon a golden trident- given to her by her father- that shoots pressurized, hot, steaming water from its points.


She has devloped a crush on a member of Omega Team, but wont say who.


The Olympian League

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