Caitlin H

Caitlin Julia Hunt is the daughter of Zeus and Cordelia Hunt, an unclaimed demigod. Sparrowsong has no idea what her term would be.

Caitlin as a teen.

Young Mother

Caitlin lives on the Princess Andromeda with her mother. She has never met Zeus.


As a teenager, Caitlin is 5'7 and weighs 140 lbs. She has her mother's pale complexion and blue eyes. She looks like her mother, but with dark brown hair - the black causes it to be dark, the red causes it to be brown.


Caitlin is a lot like Delia as a child, before Layna died and her life went downhill. She is friendly and playful. She likes Barbies, bugs, the color blue, Sesame Street, and Lego. As a teen, she is polite, easygoing, intelligent, charismatic, and a little sarcastic. She's a perfectionist. Caitlin doesn't like to go out in the sun, as she burns very easily because she's so pale. Her sense of style is sort of like Kristen Stewart's. One of her quirks is that she's a terrible liar; it's always very obvious if she's telling the truth or not. Rather disgustingly, she also bites her nails to the quick, so there's always (mostly dried) blood on them.

Known Family

  • Delia Hunt (Mother)
  • Zeus (Father)
  • Layna Hunt (Maternal grandmother)
  • Rhea (Paternal grandmother)
  • Kronos (Paternal grandfather)


  • Due to her unusual heritage, she is 3/4 god and only 1/4 human.
  • She may get pregnant as a teen, like her mother.

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