Camden Tomson
"So... Attack?"
Daughter of Apollo
"The Sun"
Best Friend of Emma Halman
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth March 9
Current age 14
Gender Female
Family Apollo (father)
Status alive
Eye Color blue
Hair Color brown/blond
Height 5'3
Alias Cami, The Sun
Affiliation Camp Jupiter
Weapons bow and arrow
Species Roman Demigod
Home Camp Jupiter
Appearances Savior of Rome
Quests None

Camden is the daughter of Apollo. She is Emma Halman's best friend. She is also known as the Sun, because she is the only child of Apollo at camp able to control light.




Camden has fair skin and medium, brown-blond hair. She wears purple glasses that match her Camp Jupiter shirt. Lots of boys think she's cute, so boys are constatly flirting with her. She doesn't really like any of the boys at Camp.


People see Camden as the nice one. She doesn't really like that. She's really quirky. And don't let that nice girl act fool you. She will beat you to a pancake if you hurt any of her friends.

Weapons and Powers

  1. a golden bow and arrow from her dad
    Bow and arrow

    an illustration of Camden's golden bow and arrow

  2. can control the sun and light
  3. can curse people to talk in rhymes

Friends and Family

Apollo- father


unknown mortal- mother

Emma Halman- best friend

Rani Laglan- friend


  1. Camden can play any instument in the world
  2. Camden came to Camp Jupiter when she was 5.
  3. Camden's arrows have light inside of the shaft that will kill any monster or god.
  4. Camden's theme song is 'Different Side of Me' by Allstar Weekend.
  5. She is the instertion of DaughterofTerpsichore's best friend.
  6. Her theme song for when boys are hitting on her is "Chasing the Sun"
  7. She is going to be in her own story, written by a friend of DaughterofTerpsichore, who the character is based off of.

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