"Demigods? No, we're more than that. We're demimonsters."

-Camp's Saying

Camp Echidna is a camp for children of monsters. They named it after Echidna, the mother of all monsters.


The camp was created when Camp Half Blood was created. It was created by Echidna, who lived a happy life until Percy Jackson killed her.

It all started when Echidna made love with a mortal. They had a child named Faith Rothman. The gods were angry at their family for they were creating more breeds of monsters. So Zeus had Echidna put back to Tartarus and Faith punished.

Faith's punishment was to gather water from Poseidon's Chamber and to comeback to Olympus, and she only had to walk bare foot. The fountain was impossible to fill for it was dug till the center of the earth. She was tormented every single day of her life.

Faith was never able to finish the task, so one night she snuck out. She found two demimonsters, Mina de Rosario, daughter of the Minatour, and Elias Wate, son of Charydbis. Together, they found Camp Echidna, where they saved more of their species. Until now, the camp is happily saved by the young daughter of Echidna.


Like Camp Halfblood, they have groups. But here, they are grouped differrently. Here, they are grouped by techniche. They are named after Echidn's children

Camp Leaders

Licia Gorgon- daughter of Medusa, hero of Camp Echidna.

AJ Waters- son of Cetus, Licia's boyfriend

Group One: Ladon

Brent Judnt- son of Mormo, leader of Group Minatour, boyfriend of Akari Everwood

Serena Peckerby- daughter of a satyr, co-leader of Group Minatour

Group Two: Ceberus

Elize Monroe- daughter a siren


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