Camp Half-Blood: Join the Family is a video game collab anyone can edit! How it works is is this: CHB:JTF is a MMORPG existing in teh world of PJOFFW. Players create a character which joins our OCs in Camp half-Blood. Help expandit by adding your characters as Vendors, Briefers/Debriefers, Mascots, Tutorials, or more!


Create a character and join millions of users alongside such iconic PJOFFW characters as the Questers and THO. Characters have the options of cabin-customization, club-formation, duels, and more. You can also gain "Trust", which is a currency which buys preexisting OCs as part of your OC Club, or to use in Ultimate Missions.


You begin in character creation, where you chosse bwteen several factions. Based on your descision your character is recruited by that faction and taken to CHB.


  • The Questers
  • THO (Permission needed)


There are two main, or "Home" environments, CHB and Olypums, though quests take the heroes


Main Storyline

The central storyline revolves around teh menace of alternate worlds, and how the PJOFFW universe is the only one which can survive an AU-spanning elimination of Worlds.

Side Storylines

Ultimate Missions

Ultimate Missions are missions decsribed as being to dangerous for newbies. So, you can play any preexisting Ocs purchased through Trust. Missions include:

  • Drop Zone: Partipants are dropped into Mid-Manhattan, where cult leaders are attempting to riase Typhon. Monitor is Phyllia.




The following are heroes available to be bought with Trust:

DLC Packs

  • Back to the Future gives access to missions and haracters of such future griups as The Questers 2034, andf the Godslingers 300.

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