Full Name: Cecilia Grant

Nickname: CiCi

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: Feburary 28th

Current Age: 14

Godly Parent: Hermes

Mortal Parent: Claudia Grant

Siblings: Micheal Grant and other children of Hermes

Best Friends: the Stoll brothers, Nico di Aneglo, and anyone who can make her laugh

Worst Enemies: She typically just doesn't like people in general, but has no real enemies besides the Aphrodite cabin

Weapons: Twin pistols with celestial bronze bullets/ a regular dagger just in case

Magical Items: 

Special Powers: Extraordinarily cunning, witty, and sneaky/ the ability to pick a lock just by placing her hand on it

Dislikes: Most people, animals that shed, perfume

Likes: Alternative, Rock, and Punk, mint gum, the beach

Fatal Flaw: Loyalty

Personality Traits: Synical, pessimistic, humorous, philosophical, adventurous, loyal, and mysterious

Interesting Information: OCD, ADHD, dsylexic/   

Eyes: Cat-like and really dark blue

Hair: Longer in the front than in the back and so black that it's almost purple

Skin: Mostly normal but a little pale

Body Type: Small and slim but can pack a punch

Current Weight: 94 lbs.

Current Height: 5.1

Preferred Clothing Choice: Black skinny jeans, Converse, a red and black plaid shirt, her sharp black glasses, black skinny tie, gray knit hat, her IPod in her back pocket

Other Identifying Physical Traits: wears glasses most days unless her contacts are in/ scars up and down her arms

General Background Information: Her mother was raped and murdered when Cecilia was five years old. She and her older brother then went into foster care. They got slipt up when she was eight and he was eleven when he got adopted and she didn't. She ran away from her current foster home at tweleve years old. Most of the foster homes hadn't exactly been pleasent, some of them abusive or neglecting. She had gotten kicked out of every school she had ever attended. Nico di Angelo found her starving and homeless in L.A a few days before she turned thirteen. He told her about Camp Half-Blood and shadow travelled her there. She had never really fit in with anyone at Camp Half-Blood except her brothers Conner and Travis. Nico was her best friend, but he didn't stay at Camp. She was claimed a few weeks after coming to Camp. Cecilia became the mastermind of most of the pranks pulled by the Hermes cabin, but only planned them, and didn't pull many pranks herself. However, she had always had a record of thieving. But for the most part, Cecilia just lived her life in her books and music.

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