Cecilia as a child.

Cecilia S

Cecilia Scarlett Smith (born February 18, 1993) is a fourteen-year-old (her story is set before The Titan's Curse) quarter-blood.

My Mother's Killer

Ever since Cecilia was two, she was raised by her aunt and uncle, who she thinks of as her parents. This is because her biological mother died.

Cecilia's aunt claims that Cecilia's mother died of cancer. However, this is apparently not true.


Cecilia is 5'4 and 126 lbs. She has a fair complexion, light brown hair just past her shoulders, and stormy eyes (like Athena's). She gets most of her looks from her mother.


Cecilia can be a bit shallow, but she is pretty kind most of the time. Like most half-bloods, she has ADHD and dyslexia. She also has some minor OCD, which sometimes causes her to obsess over random and insignificant things. Her character is still under construction.

Known Family

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