Celty And

All about Me

My name is Celty Andrea Sturn you could call me Celty but then I'll kick your but because you are a stalker for reading my profile. My mother's name is none of your business, my father is Phobos,you know him. He controls your fear and I have inherited some powers from him so unless you want to have your butt kicked with nightmares I advise you to stay away.


I grew up in the care of my loving miother, she gave everything that I wanted. She was really the best mother there is in the world that is until she died of cancer. I was 14 back then, I was the only one in her funeral all alone with the pastor. I refused to cry even though I knew that was the last thing I'll ever see her on top of the earth. I was sent to the orphanage after that, but I immediately escaped. Soon I found out about being a demigod,a hero that fights monsters and saves the world.

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