Snorri jumped onto the sea. Aegir's promise must have held, because he didn't drown.

His long silver hair flew freely. His rifle was out. His opponent, one of the Waves, chittered something. He struck the sea with the butt of his rifle, and said, "Come on, dolphin-girl."

The wave must have understood, because she rushed at him, yelling what might have been a warcry. It vaguely sounded like some one scratching his fingernails on a blackboard.

He simply raised his rifle and shot her.

The bullet hit her in the foot, and she stumbeled. I wondered why he hadn't just shot her in the head or something. He then shot her in her sword arm. She shrieked.

It was by now that I realized that Snorri was enjoying this.

He liesurely walked over to her, and clubbed her with his rifle-butt. She collapsed, and he laughed.

Aegir's face was a picture. It was molded in an expression of utmost horror and pain. The expression was mirrored on his daughters. 

Snorri wasn't going to end this soon. He contineud to kck and smack her about, insane pleasure on his face.

I heard a sob next to me. His sister stood, tears streaming from her eyes. Halgor had an arm around her. "There, Bera, it's fine."

Bera, as her name was, looked at him angrily. "What's fine?! Look at that maniac down there! That's... that's my brother, damn him! You're supposed to be his friend... stop him!"

Halgor shook his head. "I can do nothing." He said sadly.

I looked back at the scene. Snorri had appearently grown bored of his prey, and stood over her, reveling in the pitiful wimpers that left her. Then, he shot her for one last time, and she dissolved into water.

Aegir rose, shakily. "You... SHALL SUFFER!!!!!!" He roared.

Snorri smiled in a I-don't-give-a-damn way and leant on his rifle.

Aegir looked at the rest of us with loathing. "I break the conditions. Waves- KILL THEM!!!"

They keened in horrific harmony, and charged, lead by Aegir, who was frothing in the mouth. The sea had turned liquid, causing Snorri to be sweapt away.

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