I was falling very fast and then BAM!, I smack into the ground. I pulled myself up and I notice this feeling in my jacket pocket. I reached in and pulled out a bag that read: For help if you need it, from Emiley. The bag had three old sea shells inside it that I knew that would be useful. "Man I love that girl", I said. Claudia, Alexia, Clint, Boyd, and then Miles fell after me.

"Ow!, my butt hurts", Alexia complained.

"That's because you landed on me", Clint complained. I looked around and noticed what I thought was statues that were scattered around the area. Tartarus wasn't what I expected, it was dark and like a cave but it had this feeling like it was sucking the life out of me. It looked like a cave and the air was cold but the rocks were hot, it didn't make since?. "Wait do you guys here that", Clint said. We listened and here footsteps?.

"Who goes there?", a familiar voice said. I knew that voice because that person tried to kill me once before.

"Polyphemus", I said.

"Wait, the Polyphemus", Boyd said with shock. "This is not good", he continued.

"You guys hear that, demigods, demigods in Tartarus!", another voice said. We started to bag up and formed a circle formation. Polyphemus stepped out the shadows and then more monsters stepped out.

"This isn't good", Miles said. Just then someone who I hoped to never see again for as long as I lived stepped out the shadows.

"Silas Corvin, its been far to long how has it been", Oceanus said. I was paralyzed with fear knowing my greatest enemy was down here. The titan looked up at the statues and then looked at us. Oceanus didn't look the same though, he looked very pale as if someone replaced his blood with milk. "You noticed my brothers, this is what happens to gods and titans when your trapped in Tartarus for to long, soon the same will happen to me but I will be gone by then", the titan said.

"Oceanus what's going on!", I demanded.

"The rise of the Master", he replied.

"Who is the Master?", Claudia said.

"The strongest god", he replied. The titan snapped his fingers and ten feet tall humanoid monsters came out of nowhere. They had pale skin and lava red eyes, that wasn't even the strangest part they had another upper half torso  connected to them and both side had two swords.

"What are these things?", Alexia said.

"These are the Makhai, they were created by the Master", Oceanus replied. Monsters were closing in on us for the kill but Oceanus stopped them. "The Master wants them alive or do you want to feel his wrath. Now demigods come with me", Oceanus said.

Chapter 8: Battle for Tartarus

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