Here is Chapter Eighteen of Evils: The Other Four.

Chapter Eighteen


My Nickname Saves The Day

"What's everything you know about frost giants?" I asked immediately.

"They're big, and cold. That help?" Layla asked.

"No... not really. I'm just gonna see how Hijōshikina works out."

I picked up my new weapon and looked around for something - anything - that could help. A blade, a button, a nozzle that shoots frost giant-repellant... But there was nothing that looked even remotely weaponesque.

You're thinking too logically, the voice in my head told me. Think as one of Modi, Shiva, Pauchi Kamuy, Yama, Mania, Manea, Tepeyollotl, and Sekhmet. Don't be logical. Be you.

The voice was right. There's a reason the weapon was named Hijōshikina. Because it was insane. So only someone as naturally insane as I was could use it properly. I went with my instincts and started spinning.

The frost giants had now caught up with us. I could see the Ouroboros tattoos on their shoulders and foreheads. Hana and Sari were throwing swords at the giants. Layla and Taylor stabbed away with their swords. Gunner was punching them. But their Ouroboros marks were protecting them from each hit.

I spun faster until I could see Hijōshikina glowing. A frost giant close by picked me up... "The New Level hero, Gary Drake," it said. "And you bear the weapon known as Insane. Bear in mind that eons ago, prophecy was made of that very weapon. None could ever control it beside one of something most powerful. And the gods you take power from are far from mighty."

"Hijōshikina!" I shouted, and watched as my weapon blasted the frost giant's torso. The weapon continued firing until only one frost giant was left standing.

"One of something, most powerful. Well, Pauchi Kamuy may not be too powerful. But I am Gary of Something, and I have the power to wield Insane."

At that, Hijōshikina fired one last blast at the frost giant. The others stared in awe.

"How did you do that?" Layla asked.

"I have no idea."


Evils: The Other Four

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