Here is Chapter Fifteen of Evils: The Other Four.

Chapter Fifteen


We Split Up So We Can Get Insane

"What was that?" I asked.

"That was Yǒng de chìbǎng," Jun said proudly. "Chrysalis Wings, for you English-speakers. A weapon we built at Mount Penglai a while ago, before I managed to get out. The whole 'enclosing them' thing is just one stage. Later, it'll channel some of your power into it."

Gary raised his hand. "So now that Sabina's got her Chrysalis Wings, plus Taylor has a Nerf sword and Hailley's got a staff, am I allowed to go back to California and get a weapon as well?"

"Sounds like a good idea," Sari said. "I know just the weapon that you can use. Taylor, Layla, Gunner, and Hana, you want to come?"

"You want us to split up?" I asked. "The Chinese and Hindu go find the trolls in the Norwegian Sea while the Nordics and the Japanese go to California?"

"I can get us there faster with Thor's thunder," Layla offered. "And taking on the trolls would probably be easier with Gary, Hana, and Sari armed."

"Take a hand," Gunner said. I'm guessing he and Layla had taken thunder trips before. That they'd been on who-knows-how-many quests before the New Level heroes showed up.

Hana, Sari, Gary, Gunner, and I each took hold of Layla's hands. Kyūri rest his head on Layla's arm. A bolt of thunder struck at us, clouding my senses for a few moments before I could see a huge pile of objects.

Sari dug through the pile before pulling out an oddly-shaped lump of scrap metal.

"This is Hijōshikina," Sari said. "Or 'Insane'. My friend Kim built it... before she knew how to build a weapon. Nobody's really certain exactly what it can do. But perhaps an ally of Pauchi Kamuy can figure it out."

Gary took the weapon and found a pair of straps inside the metal and strapped it to his back. "Feels workable," he said.

Kyūri nudged my leg and turned his head to the area behind me. I gulped at the sight. "Yeah... looks like he might need to figure the insane weapon out fast."

For Kyūri was showing me a group of monsters stomping their way up to us. They were light blue humanoids, larger than the trolls, who emanated a blood-freezing chill that I can't believe I didn't notice.

"Frost giants," Gunner breathed.


Evils: The Other Four

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