Here is Chapter Seventeen of Evils: The Other Four.

Chapter Seventeen


"Ape Shall Never Kill Ape" Doesn't Apply To Snakes

"The Aghasura," Hailley said.

"Did it always have that?" I asked, pointing to the mark on the giant snake's forehead. The symbol of the Ouroboros.

"No," Jag said. "The Aghasura comes from Hindu mythology, where the Ouroboros is actually a good guy. That means the Aghasura's even more powerful now than it was when it destroyed Camp Life with that storm."

"Unless it was actually that Melanie girl who destroyed Camp Life," Asha breathed.

"That snake's too big to fit inside Yǒng de chìbǎng," I noticed. "Can your staff fight it?"

"That's how I beat it before," Hailley grinned. "Time to shred the serpent."

Hailley and I ran out of Rain's car straight for the Aghasura. Jun, Tia, Asha, and Jag came after us. Rain stopped the car and came out as well.

I focused into my wings and started flying. It took maybe forty-five seconds to get above the vast serpent. Below, Hailley and Tia were striking as a team on the Aghasura's form. Jag and Asha were drawing it close for some strategy they apparently didn't want to fill me in on. Jun was shouting at me.

"Sabina, you're not supposed to get high up during a lightningstorm!"

Duh. If I'd realized that sooner, I probably wouldn't be up here. But since I was already up, I had to continue my plan.

Shé jumped off my shoulder onto the Aghasura's back and started biting, like he did with the Jiang Shi. He sank his fangs right into the Ouroboros tattoo. The Aghasura suddenly started screaming in pain.

"Found a weak spot!" I shouted as I lowered myself.

Jun caught on and used some Lei Kun power to strike the Aghasura with a lightningbolt. Right in the Ouroboros mark.

The Aghasura fell to the ground and promptly dissolved.

"Gods," Rain said. "You heroes get all the fun."


Evils: The Other Four

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