Here is Chapter Six of Evils: The Other Four.

Chapter Six


I Am Known As Gary Of Something

The guy with the TP let me go with a single muttering. "Uroborosu."

"You okay, kid?" a girl's voice asked.

I looked back and saw her. She had pitch-black hair that looked like it had yet to meet a comb, above a pair of brown eyes. She wore a dark green T-shirt with the symbols 連合国 written on it.

I looked down at myself. My neck had bruises from when TP man strangled me, and the rest of my body was covered in my blood. "Yeah, I've had worse. And you would be?"

"Hana, one of the Rengō Kuni." She pointed to the Japanese letters on her shirt. "I'm a Rengō kuni of Amaterasu. That back there was an Aka Manto... Hmm... you've got both cuts and neck bruises. Did you ask for both colors?"


"Red is the color of blood, blue the color your face turns when you get strangled. So, that's what happens when you ask for red or blue. Any other color, and you would have been dragged to the netherworld, no questions asked. You changed your mind at the end, asking for no paper, right?"

"Yeah... that's how people get rid of Aka Manto, isn't it? By saying they don't want any paper?"

Hana nodded. "You seemed like you were in the middle of something important. What's going on?"

I briefly considered whether I should tell her or not. Eventually, I decided to. "There's this girl. Black hair, a little shorter than yours. Pale. She lived - lives - here in New York. She went missing a couple days ago and the police think I kidnapped her... or killed her. I was trying to find her so I could clear my name. And that's when the Aka Manto found me."

Hana considered my words for a second. "Alright. I think I know what to do. We should go get the other Rengō Kuni over in California. The number three is powerful in Japan, as both four and seven are unlucky. So, we get another Rengō Kuni so that all three of us can find this girl. Simple."

"Another? So you mean?"

"Yeah. It seems like you might be one of us. So what's your name?"

"Gary Drake. Rengō Kuni of... something, I guess."

"Great. Gary of something, let's get you there and find this missing girl. I'll fill you in on the way there."


Evils: The Other Four

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