Charlotte C

Charlotte Alexis Castellan (born August 2, 2012, age 15) is a Quarter-blood daughter of Annabeth (nee Chase) and Luke Castellan.

Fear In The Dark.

Charlotte bursts out of the bushes with her half sister, Lina, and kills a Half-Blood Hunter.

She seems fairly surprised when she finds out she and Sophia share the same mother.


Charlotte was born a few months after Luke and Annabeth got engaged. She was born one year before Sophia, result of a teen pregnancy. She's grown up knowing her parents and lived well in Manhattan, in May Castellan's old place. They got it after she passed away.


Being a descendant of Hermes, Charlotte has ice-blue eyes. She has long, straight, sandy-blonde hair. She has very fair skin and takes mostly after her father. Her eyes have no grey in them. She is described to have Annabeth's face. She's also growing at the same rate as Annabeth.


Charlotte is a very humorous girl. She loves to joke around and have fun. She takes after her mother and father in personality. She has a small fear of spiders. She loves to tease and is quite smart. She's kind and generous. She really likes ice cream. Her favourite colour is lavender purple.

Known Family.

  • Annabeth Jackson (nee Chase), Mother.
  • Luke Castellan, Father.
  • Stoll Brothers, Uncles.
  • Malcolm -somethingorother-, Uncle.
  • Children of Athena and Hermes, Aunts and Uncles.
  • Athena, Grandmother.
  • Hermes, Grandfather.
  • Lina Grace, Half-sister.
  • Sophia di Angelo, Half-sister.
  • Lydia di Angelo, Half-sister.
  • Thalia Grace, Aunt.
  • Zeus, Great-uncle.

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