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thumb|300px|right|Katie's Chat Songthumb|300px|right|Elizabeth's Chat Songthumb|300px|right|Roxanne's Chat SongMy charcter chatroom Enjoy! =D

Chatroom 1

ParamoreFan Has Logged on

KittyKat Has Logged On

DarkPrincess Has Logged On

ParamoreFan says: hey katie and elizabeth wat up?

KittKat says: hey roxy nothin much reading twilight

DarkPrincess: yo roxy and im reading twilight too XD

ParamoreFan says: stupid vampiers -_-

KittyKat: LOL

DarkPrincess: ROLF

ParamoreFan says: im listening to paramore =D

DarkPrincess says: which song?

ParamoreFan says: crushcrushcrush

DarkPrincess: I g2g bye see ya guys 2morrow

ParamoreFan says: bye

KittyKat says: see ya

DarkPrincess Has Logge Off

ParamoreFan Has Logged Off

KittyKat Has Logged Off

ChatRoom 2

RoxyJ has logged on

KatieJ has logged on

LizzieC has logged on

RoxyJ says: Hey guys wuz up?

LizzieC says; Just chillin like a villian hbu?

RoxyJ says: Listening to paramore again XD

KatieJ says: Kwel im reading twilight im on chapter 8

LizzieC says: Im on chapter 12

RoxyJ says: Stupid vampiers -_-

LizzieC says: Lol

KatieJ says: LMAO

RoxyJ says: -_-

Chatroom 3

RoxyJ is Online

KatieJ is Online

LizC os Online

Roxy: Wow Long time no chat huh guys?

Katie: yeah.....

Liz: Yep

Hunters of Artemis has logged on

Hunters of Artemis: PARAMORE!!!!! I LIKE IGNORANCE!

Hunters of Artemis: I am a Nico di Angelo fangirl.thumb|300px|right|Hunters of Artemis' Chat Song

thumb|300px|right|Cailin's Chat Song

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