Christopher Nichloia
Son of Hemera
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth Dec.14 2003
Current age 17
Gender Male
Family Sister:Gillian Nichloia
Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'6"
Alias none
Affiliation Dark Circle
Weapons ring
Species demi-protogenoi
Home -
Appearances None
Quests None

Christopher Nchloia 

Christopher lived 15 years of his life together with his father and younger sister Gillian Nichloia.  He was beated up by his father. When Christopher saw his father beating up Gillian, his patience broke and he accidentally killed his father.    Fearing that the police might came and set the two of them apart, he packed all of the things he and his sister had, including a picture of their mother and run away.  

Later on he saw the address of camp half-blood on her mother's picture. Christopher decided to leave his sister behind. After leaving his sister behind he trained on his own. He killed monsters after monsters. He became stronger and stronger. 


Christopher is little bad tempered and can easily get angry at small things. He also wants everything to be done as quick as possible. He hates it when things are prolonged. He is also very protective of his sister. he sometimes extend his love for his sister to those who resembles her.


Christopher has a ring that was given to him by Hemera. One he kisses the ring it turns into a sword. The sword is made of celestial bronze and painted in the shade of gold. On its hilt "We believe in the power of day" written in greek.


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