Claire B
Claire B

Claire on Halloween, being a knight

Claire Michelle Badger (born June 28 1996) is a thirteen, nearly fourteen, year old demigod.

Claire's Diary

Since she was younger, Claire has been abused and nearly killed. She tells the story of her life through a blog. Two unknown teenagers take her and her twin brother Corey away.


Claire is a fairly pretty girl with her dark brown eyes and pale skin. She sometimes wears a little bit of blush but rarely does so. She has a huge nose, relating somehow to her mother who shares the nose. She has orange-blonde-brown hair which shines where light touches it. Claire is usually seen wearing little to no makeup and a punk outfit. Her outfit will usually involve her leather high-heels and a leather jacket. She is 5'5 and weighs 113 lbs.


Claire is very depressed and spends a lot of her time alone. She feels, often, that her brother is more important than her and she is invisible. She is fairly shy and blushes easily. She likes metal and Gothic colours. Claire is often sad but never really cries. She is insecure and very quiet. She can be bossy, calm, patient, and faithful but is usually living in fear. She is very bottled up and hasn't told her mother anything big in her life since she was very young. Claire also has a temper that can kill and nearly has once or twice. She is a fairly violent person, due to years of experiencing it and gets very mad very easily. She is also fairly gullible and smart but often acts stupid.

Known Family.


  • When she was young, Claire was always very tomboyish and dressed like a boy for a long time.
  • Claire's personality is almost a twin to that of her creator's.

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