Claire B

Claire Annalise Browning was an unclaimed demigod.

Thirty-Two and a Grandma

Claire gets pregnant by her boyfriend, Jayden Walsh. She dies giving birth to their daughter.


Claire was 5'6 and 145 lbs. She had fair skin with long, straight, flaming red hair. Her eyes were a greyish-blue, like her daughter's.


Claire was shy, kind, and surprisingly mature and motherly for her age. She looked forward to having a child and marrying Jayden. You could always tell when she was nervous because she twirled her hair. Her style was on the girly side.

Known Family

  • Kenneth Browning (Father)
  • Dina Browning (Stepmother)
  • Jayden Walsh (Boyfriend)
  • Brenda Walsh (Daughter)
  • Miranda Walsh (Mother-in-law)


  • Her mother never got the chance to claim her.
  • Credit goes to TATN for the picture.

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